For Newton City Council, Ward 1

             I live in Ward 1
         I care about Ward 1 
      I will continue to work                 hard for Ward 1       
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My highest priority has been constituent services, listening and responding to the concerns and needs of you--my constituents. I have made myself available through email, phone, and office hours, to help you resolve city-related problems. 

In addition, I have focused on community building by:

✦Encouraging coalition-building between different neighborhood groups such as the Hunnewell Hill Task Force, Newton Corner Neighborhood Association and Jackson Homestead Neighborhood Association to join forces in dealing with Newton Corner issues.

✦Being a proud member of Nonantum Neighborhood Association for the past 8 years celebrating Nonantum village life and traditions by hosting fun community events like our annual Nonantum Village Day and periodic informational community meetings regarding local issues.

✦Promoting and supporting local businesses which are vital for vibrant village centers and maintaining a viable commercial tax base. 

✦Advocating for the creation of affordable, accessible, and diverse housing. All the while working hard to shape proposed development that will preserve Village life and character. 

✦Improving our city’s transportation infrastructure by pressing for changes that improve safety for our drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists by supporting the implementation of local traffic calming measures, advocating for the installation of crosswalks and bike lanes and fostering opportunities for the city to provide additional modes of transportation. I have also pushed local developers to incorporate robust transportation management plans in their proposals and have encouraged them to join transportation associations such as the Watertown Transportation Management Association and the 128 Business Council. All to stimulate alternative modes of transportation thereby relieving traffic congestion.

✦Preserving, maintaining and improving our City’s green spaces and parks have been an ongoing prime focus of mine. Not only are our City’s precious green spaces vital to combat the Climate Crisis, but they also offer much-needed respite from our hectic, tech-filled lives. It is imperative that they along with our street trees be protected. I have worked directly with the Parks and Rec dept to improve each of our Ward 1 parks. 

✦Working to provide our seniors with the necessary supports to allow those who would like to age in place afford to and those who would like to downsize find an appropriate and accessible home/apartment in Newton.

✦Helping our City combat the global Climate Crisis by supporting the adoption the Citizens’ Climate Action Plan with a focus on developers using passive house building standards, backing the city’s installation of solar panels, and Newton Power Choice program.

✦Ensuring that our schools remain one of Massachusetts top public school systems with proper funding for staff, students and buildings.

As you can see I have been working hard to be the voice of my constituents. In the near future, our City will be facing some major policy decisions such as zoning reform, Washington Street Vision and the review of large, mixed-use development. I promise as your advocate and voice of Ward 1, I will incorporate your needs and views as I make each of those decisions.


  Thank you for your interest. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.

 Please Make Checks Payable to:

 Comm. to Elect Maria S Greenberg

 108 Adams St.

 Newton, MA 02458​

 Or donate online with the link   to ActBlue

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